Our Bubbly Collection

Graham Beck is well-known worldwide for their Cap Classique, and they’re widely available across the United States. Peruse our options below, then check out our store locator to find our bubbly at a retailer close to you!


The choice of global icons.

By far the most popular style of bubbly, Brut is a dry sparkling wine. This means that there is very little sugar left in the wine. Best paired with light lunches and casual get togethers, enjoy it for the balance of crisp fruit and buttery notes. Fun fact: our Graham Beck Brut has been affectionately dubbed the “President’s Choice,” as it was served at both Nelson Mandela’s inauguration and to celebrate Barack Obama’s presidential nomination. How’s that for a sparkling reputation?

Brut Rosé

An exuberant and flirtatious fizz with flair.

Exuberance, flair and elegance in abundance are all hallmarks of this charming and exhilarating Rosé Cap Classique. A lengthy lees time resulted in subtle yeasty characters with a burst of fruit flavour. The fine, lively mousse is brisk on the palate, showing hints of oyster shell, fresh lavender and subtle hints of berry and cherry. Fun and versatile, yet simultaneously satisfyingly complex, the Brut Rosé is an anywhere, anytime bubbly.

2012 Brut Zero

A bubbly in its purest form.

Made with zero sugar, this extra-special bubbly is a hidden gem! For those searching for the perfect no sugar added wines, don’t look any further. Celebrating any moment should fit your lifestyle. A sparkling wine of this style means it’s incredibly refreshing and pure. It screams for seafood and fresh summer salads. Better yet, it needs good laughter and new memories. 

Bliss Nectar

An indulgent delight for the senses.

With its enchanting hints of butterscotch, honey and praline, this vibrant, golden-hued bubbly is perfect for those who enjoy the slightly sweeter side of life. Pair it with desserts, cheese plates, or get creative in the kitchen and whip up some fabulous cocktails at your next party (or casual Friday night in, who’s judging?).

Blanc de Blancs

Testimony to our outstanding terroir.

Blanc de Blancs literally translated means ‘white from white’, so this is a bubbly made only from Chardonnay grapes. Well-balanced with plenty of fruity aromas, this sparkling wine has a crisp freshness that really shines with food. Perfect for a sushi picnic in the park after a day spent at the beach.