A Legacy of Moments

When founder Graham Beck began his journey crafting South Africa’s premier sparkling wine known as Cap Classique, his goal was simple: to introduce a premium bubbly that’s always worthy of the moment. 

Made in traditional méthode champenoise style, this labor-intensive method honors the French Champagne winemaking approach. The rich limestone soils were specifically selected as they are similar to that of the revered Champagne region in France.

Give Beck | Give Back

 For the second  year, we’ve partnered with U.S. Hunger to donate meals to families in need across the country. In 2022, we were able to provide over 20,000 servings to household across the US. This year, we would like to provide even more. We invite you to purchase Graham Beck this holiday season, share it with family and friends, and know that your contribution is making a difference in your backyard.

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The Perfect Bubble

A Passion for Quality

In an age of excess, we are all searching for those moments — the experiences and connections that make life richer and more meaningful, those that truly stir the soul. Immerse yourself in those moments, raise a glass of Graham Beck and celebrate what matters.