Our Story

About Graham Beck

When our founder Graham Beck began his journey crafting South Africa’s premier sparkling wine known as Cap Classique, his goal was simple: to introduce a premium bubbly that’s always worthy of the moment.

Sparkling wine is the perfect drink to enhance any moment and not just for celebrations. Yet, what is designed to delight can sometimes cause unnecessary stress. Between too many choices, high prices, and labels that are hard to understand, it can be hard to know where to even start.

premium bubbly

At Graham Beck, we do things differently. As third-generation pioneers in the production of Cap Classique, South Africa’s premier sparkling wine, our wines reflect our goal of being refined, approachable, and incredibly ambitious. We are leaders in South African sparkling wine and know what it takes to compete on a global level while remaining true to our values of producing consistently pleasing, high-quality bubbly at an approachable price point.

Method Cap Classique

Cap Classique is South Africa’s answer to Champagne and is a term that has been used since 1992. Made in the same traditional méthode champenoise style, this labor-intensive method honors the French sparkling winemaking approach but reflects South African soils. These limestone soils were selected by Graham Beck himself, as they were reminiscent of the Champagne region in France and perfectly suited to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Affectionately known as “Mr. Bubbles,” Pieter Ferreira is our founding cellar master, honing Graham Beck’s signature style since 1991. Now, as head of the Cap Classique association, his exuberance and dedication to sparkling wines knows no bounds. In 2010, and after 12 years of mentorship, Pieter passed the torch to our cellar master, Pierre de Klerk. Pierre’s talent and attention to detail shine through in all Graham Beck wines.

“Crafting world-class sparkling wines is a process that demands your undivided attention, passion, dedication, and creativity.”

– Pieter “Mr. Bubbles” Ferreira