A global leader

in sustainability and conservation

We believe that farming in harmony with nature and the community is more important now than ever.

In 2004, we earned Conservation Champion Status from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a significant milestone in our winery’s history. The WWF’s recognition is a massive honor, yet our long-standing commitments to biodiversity and regenerative agriculture are perhaps best illustrated in our everyday conservation practices which center on two pivotal aspects of farming: water and energy.

5,000 acres under conservation — and counting

For every acre we farm, we preserve at least four acres of natural vegetation, a critical practice that supports native ecosystems and wildlife habitats, prevents soil erosion, and provides biofiltration, a self-sufficient method of cleansing and purifying our air and water suppliesGraham Beck currently has 5,000 acres under conservation — and counting.

Our sustainability efforts

We fostered a partnership with neighboring farms in 2006 to protect more than 35,000 acres of Cape Floral Kingdom’s natural fauna and flora. The Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy includes portions of the Graham Beck estate, as well as other nearby farms. This Conservancy is home to a number of iconic and endangered plants and animals. The Conservancy represents the combined efforts of the Beck family and like-minded private landowners to protect and preserve our region’s precious ecosystems. Rooiberg continues to serve as a model for collaborative efforts to mitigate the effects of agriculture on climate change.

Our sustainability efforts extend to our community, too. The Beck Family’s philanthropic initiatives serve employees and the wider communities surrounding our farm. From education to healthcare services, our programs enrich lives and help build a better future for generations to come.