The 15 Best Affordable Sparkling Wines For Valentine’s Day

As Seen In Tasting Table January 2023

By Jolee Sullivan 

“Get your roses and your wallets ready — it’s almost Valentine’s Day. We’ve just begun recovering from the winter holidays, but Valentine’s Day is always cheerfully welcomed. Grand gestures, chocolates, fancy dinners, and bottles of bubbly? What’s not to love?

Whether you’re dining out or planning a romantic home-cooked meal, this is a holiday also notorious for its extravagance. Devotees dip deep into their pockets to provide their partners with gifts and experiences of the utmost elegance, be it a glitzy diamond necklace or a silver platter adorned with oysters.

You don’t have to let financial pressures put a damper on your ardor this year. Even if you choose to treat your lover to an extravagant gift or elegant meal, we’re here to help you save on the bubbly. Last year, Drizly reported that wines sold the most on Valentine’s Day, with sparkling wines topping the list. It’s a special occasion, and a special occasion isn’t complete without the clinking of Champagne flutes. No matter your plans, rest assured that you can find a great bottle of bubbly for under $30. Certified wine expert Nina Escobar and long-time industry consultant Carrie Lyn Strong shared their top picks with us for affordable sparkling wines that pair best with an evening of love.”

Graham Beck Brut Méthode Cap Classique

“Next up, Strong enlightens us about a robust brut sparkling wine that originates in Western Cape, South Africa. Western Cape is home to the renowned Graham Beck vineyard and winery, which Strong applauds for its focus on minimal intervention during the production process. Strong says that this strive for purity allows for the authenticity of the grapes’ “unique terroir to shine in the elegance of their bubbles.”

Graham Beck’s Brut Méthode Cap Classique is made méthode champenoise-style, which is the traditional method for producing Champagne. Accordingly, Strong calls this critically-acclaimed wine a valuable, reliable alternative to Champagne. In fact, the Graham Beck website proudly states that this particular wine has been deemed “President’s Choice,” likely because it was served at ceremonies held for both Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. How’s that for affordable elegance?

As per Strong, this brut features lively bubbles and hints of apricot, passion fruit, starfruit, and citrus zest. It’s the perfect fancy pairing to classic, greasy french fries.”




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